The world’s first mobile phone type crypto digital currency hardware cold wallet officially opened source code

By | August 22, 2019

Hongkong, Aug 21, 2019 — Recently, the world’s first mobile phone type crypto digital asset hardware cold wallet SAFEGEM officially opened source code, the wallet is the social network (SAFE) ecological product created by Shenzhen Bank Ledger Technology Co., Ltd. (China).

SAFEGEM is the world’s leading crypto digital asset management system, which supports BTC, USDT, ETH, EOS, BCHABC, BCHSV, BTG, LTC, DASH, ETC, QTUM, SAFE as well as EKER20-based and SAFE-based Token. Wait for other hundreds of crypto digital currency assets to be stored and managed. The wallet has a built-in financial-grade security crypto chip, which greatly improves the security of the seed word and private key; cold wallet uses offline constructive transactions and signatures, and private keys never touch the internet; hot and cold wallet QR code synchronization and transmission of transaction data; unique secure Bluetooth technology is used to implement the security upgrade of the cold wallet software, taking into account the security and application expansibility.


SAFEGEM source code is the instruction code running on SAFEGEM hardware. It is a component of SAFEGEM system. The whole source code and SAFEGEM hardware work together to complete the stable operation of SAFEGEM function. In order to protect their intellectual property rights, special functions and obtain rich profits, most companies implement closed management of product source code, which leads to the outside world unable to understand its working principle and check its code safety, rationality and effectiveness. From the current development trend, the source code of consumer software and hardware products is increasingly changing from closed source code to open source code, from completely closed source code to partially open source code, and then to completely open source code. Open source products and applications not only win the trust of the majority of users, but also extend the surrounding ecology of open source products. Instead, they promote the rapid development of open source products and applications.


The cryptography-based blockchain technology is characterized by openness, transparency, and traceability. As an crypto digital asset management system based on blockchain applications, it should have the same characteristics and should have higher security. Therefore, the SAFEGEM development team decided to open up all source code, open source follows the GPL agreement, defines the business boundary, uses open source code for commercial use, and chooses not to open source.


SAFEGEM Open Source can promote the development of industry applications, and relevant teams can re-develop on this basic source code, without starting from scratch, greatly reducing the entry requirement and development costs; through the review and re-development of code by users and developers, the open source of SAFEGEM, the function and working principle are more transparent, which is more conducive to the improvement of SAFEGEM’s product features and performance; in terms of security, there are active security and passive security. Active security means that the original team has the possibility of possessing user assets such as backdoors. Passive security refers to the possibility of being an crypto keeping digital asset, SAFEGEM’s active and passive security is self-evident. The open source code completely avoids the problems associated with proactive security, and passive security will be greatly improved;


SAFEGEM is an important ecological product of SAFE. This opening of the source code promotes the development of SAFE public chain and ecological application, and also promotes the specification and openness of consumer crypto digital asset industry products to a certain extent which provides the most effective help for the safe entry of users into the field of crypto digital assets.


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