Officially Launched in Vietnam Official Website, FXBTG Accelerates Its Deployment in the Southeast Asian Market

By | August 2, 2020

Recently, FXBTG was officially launched in Vietnam official website, aiming to accelerate its expansion of financial investment market in Vietnam. From the decision to expand Vietnam market in May 2020 to its official launch in Vietnam in July, FXBTG keeps its “quickness” and at the same time begins to show its new feature of “lightweight”. FXBTG’s flexible and diverse layout style will open up the local investment market more quickly and expand its business territory in Southeast Asia.

It is reported that the launch in Vietnam official website meets the needs of local financial derivatives investment services. In this regard, the vice president of FXBTG JACKY LEE highly praised the recovery ability of the Vietnamese economy, and he remarked, “Facing the current weak economy worldwide, Vietnam is one of the few countries in the world that maintains positive economic growth.” In the first quarter of 2020, Vietnam’s economic growth was 0.36%, which is quite optimistic. Based on that, FXBTG, as an established broker, will develop together with the Vietnamese capital market. The group not only has financial product transactions such as foreign exchange, gold, bulk commodities and stock index futures, but also provides the current hot digital currency CFD trading in the market, in which a multi-dimensional, fully-covered integrated investment and financial management project can be realized. And further stimulating the local investment heat will help Vietnam to play an important role in the economic recovery during the pandemic.


In fact, FXBTG’s layout in Southeast Asia has started in 2009. In that year, FXBTG set up a subsidiary in Malaysia, which was the first step to enter Southeast Asia market. The recent commercial layout is also in line with the general trend of the blue ocean of investment in the international market, and seeks to make it against the economic impact under the pandemic. In 2020, FXBTG will accelerate its internationalization and will continue to expand emerging markets including Indonesia, Thailand, and South Korea.


FXBTG ( is registered with the National Futures Association(NFA), and Financial Service Authority(FSA) and authorized Contract for Difference(CFD) holders, committed to using big dataand other technologies to enable foreign exchange trading services, so that participants in the global foreign exchange market can obtain a more transparent, efficient and convenient trading experience.


FXBTG Financial Group provides online trading of global financial markets including: foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, stock index, etc. It advocates making good use of the power of technology to provide customer with a trading platform that can trade global financial assets, and adopts transparent real-time pricing, minimum spreads and highly flexible trading leverage for customers can directly trade in global financial markets. FXBTG has always been committed to providing investment with safer capital guarantee and quality services through technology.


Now, FXBTG Group is releasing a $50 experiential bonus for registration. Please join us to keep up with hot trends and realize investment profits.



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