Security Precautions for Accessing Dark Web Links

By | January 5, 2021

Users who have finalized to test dark web often get confused on where to start to browse the dark web links. The huge, unexplored plane is quite overwhelming for new comers. It is therefore a regular question as to where the precautions should commence. A user who is new and prepared to browse the internet’s deepest part should convince him.

The requirement of accessing this haven should be one that satisfies him. If accessing a banned website is the sole requirement, he can very well satisfy himself by choosing a reliable VPN service provider. Dark web links are obviously not the chosen playgrounds by many. Those who visit dark web have a particular agenda. It should not be for fun. Accessing the tor network or tor links requires understanding of how TOR works. VPN and TOR are usually considered the same but they are like different layers of the same onion.

TOR stands for The Onion Router. It is a standard for accessing the dark web. TOR enabled browsers can read onion links. Yes, you read it right. An easily identifiable way to distinguish dark web links is that they end with the extension .onion. Search Engines that can parse onion links are required to access the dark web.

VPN is Virtual Private Network. It is a service provided by hosting solutions and private companies. They help to encapsulate your information. VPN does not offer the level of security that TOR provides because TOR routes the data through nodes. VPN just encapsulates it. Adding VPN to tor network can strengthen security provided by the duo. However, a crackdown by law enforcement authorities is not impossible, if required.

Users who are new to dark web are advised to use VPN services. They offer reliable privacy within modest rates. Installation of a Linux based operating system is also recommended. Windows offers more openness for scammers. It is easily traceable and no matter how much protection is added on top of Windows Operating system, it doesn’t suit dark web links browsing needs. The use of special search engines like DuckDuckGo and Ahmia will ensure that users get links that are not broken. On top of all, the deactivation of JavaScript is of paramount importance. It helps to load scripts and server-side applications in user’s computer.

This causes privacy breach. If users wish to enable JavaScript while browsing, there is no point in exploring TOR. Advanced users often voice their concern on how laptop cameras affect browsing security. While this has often caused heated debates, the option to hide laptop camera is a prudent decision. Browsers need to be setup in such a way that they should not be maximized. Maximizing a window makes it easy to trace the model/make of the computer that you are using. This helps scammers to identify the pixel width.

Dark web links are available in the internet in various forums. Legitimate links rarely get attacked. Somehow, hackers manage access to these web links and deactivate some of them.

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