Umichat and Rapidz Form an Alliance Partnership

By | March 29, 2020

Umichat, the increasingly popular social and communication app build for the Finance Sector has found another collaboration partner. After confirming its strategic partnership with London’s Sprinkle Success Exchange (SSE) at Bangkok SHOW DC Mall on 25 Feb 2020, Umichat recently welcomed another heavyweight partner, Rapidz Pay.

Rapidz Pay, a pioneer in Blockchain innovation was founded in Switzerland in 2017. Anticipating global market demand for digital currency payment system, Rapidz went into extensive market research and developed a comprehensive Point-of-Sales (POS) system which supports a variety of mainstream digital currency payments including its own digital currency, Rapidz Token. Rapidz POS system was so well-received that it has penetrated into various industries such as medical, food & beverages and entertainment in Thailand.

Umichat is a social communication mobile application launched in November 2019 and it is specially designed for the Finance Technology industry. Data safety has always been an important issue in the finance industry and to protect its users’ data, Umichat uses mandatory end-to-end encryption to ensure that no chat data is stored on its servers. Other than its secure chatting function, Umichat also provides a variety of chat features such as translation robots, chatbots and self-destruct messages. Similar to Rapidz, Umichat also launched its own token UMQ and has its own crypto wallet in the app. The Wallet supports a variety of mainstream digital currencies which provides services such as transferring, red packet as well as chat group consolidation collection. Umichat’s very own OTC exchange is expected to be launched mid-April making it the world’s only mobile application that combines digital currency wallets, OTC exchange and social chat all in one!

The collaboration between Umichat and Rapidz is a match made in heaven for both parties. Umichat can tap on Rapidz’s resources and presences in Thailand, a country Umichat recognises as a key market in its Asia exploits. Rapidz’s vast clientele base in Thailand also brings more business opportunities to Umichat and provides more usage outlets for its digital currency, UMQ. Rapidz, on the other hand is offered an unprecedented opportunity for its digital currency, Rapidz Token. It is already available in Umichat wallet and can be exchanged for UMQ before transferring to SSE to trade. One of the main uses of UMQ is its role as a principal token in SSE for the use of quantitative trading.

Sprinkle Success Exchange (SSE) is from the UK and it is also a strategic partner of Umichat. It penetrated the Asia Market earlier this year and officially launched its widely renowned Quantitative trading platform on 11 February 2020. SSE is the world’s first digital asset exchange using quantitative trading technology, its quantitative trading technology is an advanced mathematical model, integrated with trading strategies (consensus mechanism, selling mechanism, etc.) and based on the exchange’s massive data to enhance the value of the digital assets for its users. The purpose of quantitative trading is to slowly increase the value of digital currencies and provide global users with sustainable, stable and above-average returns. Only one month into its online operation, SSE has achieved a single day trading volume of more than 300 million U.S. dollars. This is a remarkable achievement even when compared to the other major exchanges.

SSE, Umichat and Rapidz’s three-way collaboration model will provides Rapidz Token holders a chance to make massive profits in the market. Rapidz Tokens can be transferred into Umichat wallet and converted to UMQ at a very attractive rate. The UMQ can then be transferred into SSE to quantitative trade. This creates a Three-Win Situation as Umichat penetrates the Thai market in the shortest possible time, Rapidz, on the other hand will very much increase the value of their tokens and make their investors financially very rich. Last but not least, SSE will look to attract Rapidz’s huge followings to trade on its platform, further enhancing the platform’s trading volume and its own intrinsic value!

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