Simulocity Launches a Virtual (Clinical and Patient) Education Center for the Panamerican Trauma Society with their SimHealth Platform

By | August 10, 2021

Simulocity’s work with the renowned trauma care and emergency medicine organization is one of many platforms they have developed for the healthcare sector worldwide.

ORLANDO, Fla., August 6— Simulocity is partnering with the Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS) to create a year-round clinical “best practices” platform via Simulocity’s award-winning, innovative, and immersive “SimHealth” platform.

Founded in 1987, the Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS) is one of the first medical associations in the world dedicated to patient care and trauma education. The organization also contributes to scientific research on injury care and surgery. With over three decades of growth, maturity, and accomplishments in the field of trauma and emergency surgery, along with advances in disseminating knowledge across all levels, PTS facilitates the collaboration and partnership with the Americas as well as the rest of the world. For over 30 years, the Panamerican Trauma Society has provided leadership in the care of the injured and critically ill across the globe.

Through SimHealth, healthcare organizations such as the PTS can participate in clinical education courses, conduct clinical and patient education seminars, train via immersive gamification, access medical forums and publications, and share best practices, anytime, anywhere. An AI infused Virtual Concierge Avatar is also integrated to help answer clinical and patient education questions and retrieve content. Sponsors will even have access to an interactive healthcare expo hall with innovative, virtual-reality inspired booths to showcase their products and services.

‘The Panamerican Trauma Society is one of the leading societies providing education in the fields of Trauma, Critical Care and Emergency Surgery in the Americas. The partnership with Simulocity will enable us to bring to our members an innovative approach to education and simulation. Moreover, this partnership will unite physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals in a virtual platform where they can share their experiences and expertise and that will allow them to be up to date in research, guidelines and protocols. We invite not only our members, but all medical societies around the world to join us on this innovative educational journey,” said Dr. Antonio Marttos, PTS President.

Simulocity continues to provide virtual platforms for essential industries in the workforce and has already virtualized over two dozen pharmaceutical companies around the world, which led to the development of their SimHealth Platform. This technology enables healthcare organizations to leverage its capabilities for clinical and patient education or care anywhere. “We are honored to serve the Panamerican Trauma Society with its global reach of top trauma surgeons and emergency medicine professionals. The PTS Virtual Education Center will serve their global staff in providing a virtual ‘Center of Excellence’ to share best-practices year-round, including clinical education, medical forums, immersive training, real-time analytics, serious medical games, live and on-demand events, social media integration, and much more,” said Dr. Manny Dominguez, CEO of Simulocity. “Our clients really enjoy our platform’s powerful and immersive, luxury-feel, that makes you feel ‘Virtually There!’ Simulocity now serves over 650 clients and growing. In addition, we are also partnering with the Panamerican Trauma Society to expand access of the platform to many healthcare associations around the world that want to increase access to clinical and patient education for their clinicians and patient populations.”

About the Company

Located in Orlando, Florida, Simulocity is a technology solutions firm comprised of top innovators with decades of proven results in delivering innovative and ground-breaking technologies around the globe. Simulocity develops customized simulation technologies for healthcare, education, training, and events management. Their expertise is in integrating and innovating leading-edge technologies, including virtual platforms for business, virtual-re­ality, learning via gamification, business intelligence, combined with expert project management.

Simulocity is the recipient of numerous awards, including Healthcare Tech Outlook – Top 10 Healthcare Simulation Solution Providers, CIO Applications – Top 10 Simulation Solution Providers, and CIO Review – 20 Most Promising Gamification Technology Solution Providers.

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