DSFR Announces Its Strategic Partnership with Mycashbackworld to Bring Cryptocurrency to Mainstream Commerce

By | September 21, 2021

New York, NY / SEAPRWire / September 21, 2021 /– DSFR, a blockchain-based entity built on the robust Polygon (Matic) network, has announced a new partnership with the leading e-commerce platform – Mycashbackworld. This established tie-up will allow Mycashbackworld to leverage DSFR’s cryptocurrency payment system and wallet service to enhance its users’ shopping experience with exciting cashback rewards.

The retail and e-Commerce sector is one industry that is still largely untouched by cryptocurrencies. It is no longer news that the number of crypto users has increased astronomically over the years. And quite a number of them are still looking forward to utilizing cryptocurrencies to purchase their favorite items both online and offline.

Digital Swiss Franc (DSFR) is a Switzerland based cryptocurrency operating with the aim of enabling crypto enthusiasts worldwide earns DSFRs as cashbacks when shopping online or offline, as well as purchase goods with multiple payment options such as fiat currency, other crypto currencies, and DSFR itself. To facilitate this opportunity for participants and also make effective use of their tokens, DSFR has partnered with Mycashbackworld, one of the best-selling e-commerce platforms with over 15 million shoppers.

DSFR will leverage the benefits of the Myworld premium partner program to become the default choice of currency for shopping and a future investment for wealth creation, thereby bringing DSFR cryptocurrency to mainstream commerce. It has established a tie-up with Mycashbackworld to become the top cash-back service.

Interestingly, this alliance will guarantee the world’s best shopping deals on every purchase such as flight booking, hotel booking, and so on. MyWorld shoppers can purchase goods from loyalty merchants and in return receive shopping points and cashbacks. To take advantage of the cash-back benefits, customers need to register at the official Mycashbackworld website and receive the myWorld card. Most cashbacks will give back 5% of the purchase and will be directly transferred to shoppers’ wallets in DSFR after requesting it either through the official website or through myWorld’s app.

DSFR allows customers to pay for their purchases using its Prepaid DSFR cards or by integrating its Crypto POS/ATMs into the retail and e-Commerce platforms. Meanwhile, here are some of the solutions and use cases of the DSFR cryptocurrency:

  • Customers can shop at a discounted price and further get digital tokens in the form of cashback that grow in value with time as a cryptocurrency into their crypto wallet.
  • DSFR offers profoundly secured blockchain technology for decentralized financial transactions.
  • Cross merchant transferable loyalty program allows redeeming benefits with any partnered merchants at any time.
  • DSFR tokens can be exchanged with other digital currencies or encashed through crypto ATMs or online crypto exchanges.
  • Rolls out analytics based transparent and modern loyalty programs for all retail partners.
  • Tie-up with major online cashback providers to bring the best deals to one place for participants.
  • DSFR will have a one-stop cashback app that shows shoppers all offline and online deals in their area.

DSFR is based on Ethereum 2.0 (Polygon sidechain) — the world’s leading decentralised, open source blockchain with smart contract functionality. It leverages the state-of-the-art technology available in 2021, the Polygon side chain technology, to provide strong security and effectively reduce transaction time and cost. The Polygon network supports approximately 1000 transactions per second with a confirmation time of 1 second or below. It’s a side chain scaling solution developed to offer scalability, higher throughput, interoperability, and the best-in-class user experience for DApp’s features and functionalities. Using a DSFR token to purchase a product can help customers to save time by facilitating faster transactions at a very low price while providing the best crypto trading experience:

  • Its gas fee is 1000x lower than that for Ethereum
  • Its speed is 2000x that of Ethereum
  • It uses 10^5 times less than that of PoW (like BTC) based blockchains

The open-source blockchain platform aims to develop into a decentralized application (DApp). As an App, depending on the performance of users, amount of DSFR tokens staked, and other activities, DSFR will provide governance tokens to the selected users, thereby making the platform community-driven. The governance token holders will have the right to vote for the platform’s future growth, partnerships, alliances, marketing and new use case rollouts. What’s more, holders are allowed to decide the transaction fee to ensure users enjoy transactions at an affordable rate.

About Mycashbackworld

Mycashbackworld is the best-selling eCommerce platform that offers amazing cashbacks and discounts on all purchases to its customers around the world. Having over 150,000 partners, deals and voucher codes worldwide, it provides the best shopping deals on purchases while making it easy for customers to enjoy all their shopping benefits.

About DSFR

DSFR, a Switzerland based cryptocurrency, is built on the robust Polygon (Matic) network. It’s an open-source blockchain secured digital currency introduced to bring flexibility to the crypto exchange. It’s designed to direct crypto enthusiasts worldwide and buyers towards amazing cashback, discounts, and loyalty points on each purchase when shopping online or offline.

Telegram: https://t.me/dsfrcommunity

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