Announces the Launch of Its Comprehensive NFT Data Aggregator Platform

By | October 5, 2021

Dubai, UAE / SEAPRWire / October 04, 2021 / has announced the launch of its comprehensive NFT data platform with attractive features. Nowadays, NFT(non-fungible tokens) has penetrated almost every industry. Based on blockchain technique, virtual assets have gained much attention by their uniqueness, indivisibility, rarity, and verifiability in areas like gaming, art, sports, media & entertainment, etc.

When people first enter this virtual world, some questions are frequently asked:

How to discover the most trendy & valuable NFT? How to purchase NFT easily?

What is the market trend of NFT? How to know the return on investment?

How to evaluate my NFT assets?

All these questions could be well answered on NFTGO.

Building “The gateway to the NFT ecosystem” and revolutionizing the NFT marketplace, this is why NFTGO, a professional and user-friendly NFT data aggregator, is designed and launched.

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Here are some of the top features that are recommend from to help users before start the NFT journey.

  1. NFT Liquidity
  2. Whales Tracking
  3. Listing
  4. Powerful Search Engine
  5. NFT Contracts

Feature #1: NFT Liquidity

NFTGO collects and visualizes real-time data on NFT trading and asset across the network catering to users’ needs, through which users can gain a comprehensive understanding of NFT market trends, and optimize their NFT purchase and investment decisions.

The liquidity of the NFT market is a key data metric that NFTGO has been working on and trying to reasonably quantify. Liquidity refers to the efficiency with which an asset can be converted into ready cash without affecting its market price. 

For investors considering NFT assets, it’s natural that they are concerned about the relatively low liquidity of NFT compared to most other traditional assets. Currently, trading NFTs is not an immediate process. It usually requires a complex process and high transaction costs.

Due to the uniqueness of each NFT asset, it’s unable to quantify the liquidity of NFT assets by continuous trading patterns. 

Building on turnover rate, people define the NFT liquidity indicator as follows:

NFT asset liquidity in a specific category = number of NFT transactions in that category / total NFT liquidity in that category 100%.

Nowadays, although most NFT fans observe that it is a very illiquid asset class and feel it is likely to stay that way, in the context of blockchain’s economic mechanisms, “liquidity” is merely a mechanism design problem being rapidly solved. For now, a data aggregation platform like NFTGO can provide as much information an investor needs for referring to liquidity and making investment decisions. Never miss exploring liquidity on NFTGO.

Feature #2: Whales Tracking

Whales are like fund managers in the stock market and users are like the retail investors wandering without substantial support. When investing in avatar NFTs, riding the whales’ coattails is also applicable.

NFTGO provides users with NFT visualization of their accounts, allowing us to view all NFTs of an address account with ease. On NFTGO, you can search whale addresses, get the latest whale rankings, and have a clear understanding of specific project’s whales. 

Besides, NFTGO launched whale tracking services to track the behavior history of whales to facilitate users to track user transactions and transfer records, even quotations, and pending orders on OpenSea.

Feature #3: Listings

Nowadays there are dozens of NFT marketplaces available on the market which can be complicated. For example, Andrew bought a CryptoPunk worth 300ETH on OpenSea, the marketplace he has always been using. However, he later found out that the particular NFT would only cost him 260ETH if he had bought it through Rarible or SuperRare. Since then, Andrew would go on NFTGO for price comparison before he makes any purchase.

To see all listed prices of an NFT: 

Visit NFTGO > Search for your desired NFT and click on it > See Listing

Feature #4: Powerful Search Engine

NFTGO is just a “Google” with multi-functions in NFT fields, and it is much more needed currently. NFTGO aggregates high-quality NFT assets and builds special indexes based on their data, which allows users to search for NFT assets in one platform, changing your exploration of the NFT world more conveniently and efficiently.

After typing the asset users are looking for in the search bar, users can get overall data of the asset or collection, including their basic information, traders/total value/volume trends, NFT value, holders, liquidity, NFT assets, and deals, etc.

Feature #5: NFT Contracts

If users want to refer to the project contract before buying a new NFT to get a full grasp on details like the storage of an NFT image. With NFTGO, it can be only a few clicks away from all the information they are looking for.

To access NFT contracts:

Visit NFTGO > Search for your desired project > Enter > Click onto the contract address

To Da Moon 

In the future, NFTGO aims to leap again to be an NFT “Disneyland” to create an integrated virtual economy with a complete set of experiences around NFT. With expansive opportunities waiting ahead in the promising NFT world, NFTGO is more than excited and courageous to change the game, to da moon. 

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