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By | February 24, 2017

  • “Apollo took the work out of getting published. I submitted my manuscript and within 120 days I got my first royalty check. They gave me the choice of publishing it or self-publishing” A.S.”
    — Al Simon
  • Summary:There is more to self-publishing than getting a book printed. Apollo does more than print your book: We invest in your success.

    There is more to self-publishing than getting a book printed. If you do some research on your self-publishing options, you will find a lot of printers that will print your book for you. These companies may even help you get an ISBN for your work. However, you will quickly learn that going this path does not mean the same thing as being published. If you just want a printed copy of your work, then self-publishing is fine. But if you want to get published and sell your book, then you will need more help.

    Apollo is a one-stop publisher. We can help you get published. We start with a review of your work. If it is accepted, then we will help you create a book cover. The cover is so important because it is the first thing people see when they are browsing for books. The book’s cover art and title do matter, so we can help you with the book cover design and suggest a title, subtitle, and a summary.

    Pricing is also an important thing to consider here. Your ISBN barcode is required for most book stores and contains information about your book’s selling price. We can help you with pricing to optimize your sales and profit. If you price your book too high, you won’t sell many copies of the work. If you price it too low, then you won’t make any money. We can help you find the right balance.

    You also need to protect your work, so we will get it copyrighted. This includes your cover and any illustrations or pictures in your work. We won’t publish anything until it is protected. Once your book has been copyrighted, we can publish it. Publishing your book means more than simply getting you 50 printed copies for you to try and sell on your own. Instead, we start the publishing process by professionally creating an eBook that is compatible with all eBook resellers. Once we have created your eBook, we push it out to our worldwide electronic distribution network where your book will be instantly available to millions of eBook readers.

    You should only ever buy as many copies of a book as you want. If you plan to do a book signing or a speaking engagement, you may want some physical copies of your book on hand, but we will never require you to buy any. Some of our packages will provide you with 50 physical copies of your book to start out. Be aware of publishers who don’t offer a POD—print on demand—service. If your book is picked to be put on a shelf at a bookstore and not all copies of the book end up selling, book resellers will often have buyback clauses in their contracts to cover the situation. This could mean that you end up having to buy back all the extra physical copies of your book. At Apollo, we are proud to say that you will never have to worry about that if you let us publish your book.

    Every book that Apollo publishes can be ordered from a modern bookstore. When we publish a book, it goes into the general book database so that a bookstore can search for your work and order it. Apollo collects the money from every book that is sold and provides you with a monthly report on any earnings. We will deposit your royalty check directly into your account. Apollo only charges $0.50 for each book sold, and we do this while taking on all the work of selling your book.

    A lot of self-publishing sites don’t talk about or offer marketing. But part of the publishing process is marketing. If people don’t know about your book, they will not buy it. Marketing is critical for the success any published work. Luckily, Apollo has access to some of the best press distribution networks, and we send out a minimum of one press release for each book we publish. We can set up book signings, interviews, and speaking engagements for you. Even though we can’t predict how many people will buy your book, we can ensure that millions of people will know about it.

    Apollo does more than print your book: We invest in your success.


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